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Working with us in a seasonal job abroad and you’ll enter a world of opportunity that’s packed full of exciting new challenges and rewards. From traditional beach holidays to skiing or adventure travel  – every single one of our customers is unique, which is why the travel experiences we offer are so different.

For you, this means limitless career possibilities all over the world. Not only will you get to work in exciting places, experience different cultures and mix with all kinds of people – you’ll also get all the support you need to grow, develop and become the best you can be, whether as a Kids Club Host, TUI Rep or Crystal Ski Chalet Host. And because many of the jobs abroad we offer are seasonal, you’ll also enjoy great flexibility. What’s more, because we’re such a big company, you can easily springboard into retail, airline and contact centre roles or transfer to a winter ski job from your summer season working abroad.

Whilst many of you wait patiently for more news, we wanted to share a homemade short video diary from Carlijn, our Service Delivery Manager in Croatia who, like many, is helping to both save cost and provide service to guests by going back to the floor.

Here Carlijn gives a flavour of what it is like in Croatia working in this new environment with our first guests from Belgium & Netherlands guests. More news to follow soon 🙏

#SlowlySlowly #KeepPositive #Holiday2020 #TUIVideoDiaries


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Now that's what you call good management. ☺ Well done folks going back to the floor ☺

Have a great season ! Dubrovnik je fantastican grad a Lopud jedna od najlepsih plaza na Jadranu . Greetings 👋

Would love to come, our favourite place we've been so far, but we are British and not allowed! 🙃😒xxx❤

What about local people still waiting to hear if and when we will start work? Stay safe

Well done all team in Croatia including my daughter Charlotte Ramsden xxxx🥰👏👏👏

Good luck with restart of Summer Carlijn Elisabeth Timmermans ! Nice video 🍀🙏🏻

Have a great season! Greetings👋

Good job Carlijn

Well done Carlinjin! Have a great season and good luck to you all !

Croatia is a stunning place to visit ❤️

What about the cruise ships

Oh, how I miss Croatia 💖💛


Sorrento coast, per il secondo anno bandiera blu.. acqua cristallina e da un ora in macchina per visitare i siti archeologici più belli del mondo Pompei , Vesuvio , musei ecc ecc.. spaghetti e pizza .. mi fermo ciao a presto..

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It might still be early days, but we are heading in the right direction and we hope to only now head in one direction for our colleagues and our guests. #SlowlySlowly #StepByStep ...


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I would so love a holiday but will wait for another year!!! Scary times

Fingers crossed 🤞 🙏

Hope to get out at some point 💙


TUI Destination Jobs do you happen to know if we will receive any more information about jobs soon? The last few emails I’ve received have only been newsletters but I have friends who I trained with already out on their season. Thanks 😊



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An update from us 💙

#SlowlySlowly #StepByStep #Holiday2020 #KeepPositive #StayStrong

An update from us 💙 

#SlowlySlowly #StepByStep #Holiday2020 #KeepPositive #StayStrong


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A little update: Thank you for your valuable feedback👍. The latest Keeping Intouch we sent was update number 4. We have been informed that some local colleagues did not receive it yet but it should be on it´s way by now 😀 Keep on Smiling everyone 💙

yay! glad to hear this TUI 😊😊 I was meant to do first season this year in mallorca but unable to start due to covid... hoping I wont have to reapply if they make us wait until next year...I'm happy to wait if I have to 😊 JUST aslong as I wont have to apply again and go through interview process a 3rd time 🙈 xxx

Hoping and praying everyone will soon be getting back to where they want to be and what they love doing...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

I have also not received an email. also checked in spam folder,

Exciting and hopeful news!! 😊❣️ xx

Sounds great I unfortunately have to wait for next year because of everything

very exciting news but haven’t received an email either.

Was the last email Keeping in touch 4?

Fingers crossed for everyone Hopefully see some of u soon x x x x

Hope to see any update for Egypt, best of luck for everyone 🍀

I haven't received an email and I have looked at my spam.

Praying for Mexico in November x

Amazing news! Stay safe x

Great news ! 😀❤️ xx

Great news, looking forward to starting up again soon!

Great news. Fingers crossed

Great news!!

Not getting a placement this year 😔😔

Also didnt receive an email.

Still waiting since 5 months to get my travel voucher

Still no email as yet guess still have to wait 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Daisy have you had an email off tui they have starting to send them out I suppose you have seen it on facebook

When will your shops be open again thank you.

Perfecto ❤️💪

Fingers crossed 👍🌈

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